The DJ/producer/vocalist CX KIDTRONIK makes explosively danceable throwback hip-hop, meshed with electro and metal. He counts Kanye West, Saul Williams and Trent Reznor among his fans, and has worked with each. “He is a character,” says Reznor. “He’s also one of those guys, when he’s around, things start to happen.”

First, about the “krak.” CX once saw Jody Watley squat for a split second to pick up a tambourine at a Central Park performance – at the height of the low-rise jeans era – and it was all over from there. The newfound obsession with accidental crack was put to music in his 2006 debut album Krak Attack, a pledged allegiance to the sag. His Stones Throw release Krak Attack 2: Ballad Of Elli Skiff takes a more conceptual angle – the title and album artwork references a low-slung-pants-wearing New Hampshire woman, who was arrested for refusing to leave a mall.

CX – “Christopher X” – is based in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and comes from Detroit, with detours through Atlanta and Madison WI, where he was an official, bow-tie clad member of Louis Farrakhan's Nation Of Islam. But “KiDTRONiK” – the name – is pure NYC, a reference to ‘80s electro rap group Mantronix, who has heavily influenced his style.

A one-time member of Anti-Pop Consortium and Airborn Audio, he worked for years as a New York city club DJ, and has toured the planet honing his production style, playing custom-built synths, and drum machines with names like the “CX Betacrack Box” and “The Catonator,” specializing in live kicks and snares, rather than loops. He has dazzled audiences around the world with his technically proficient, yet completely chaotic performances, full of gyrating women, flashing lights, lazers, sweat and beer. In recent years CX has toured with Reznor, Saul Williams, and produced for Kanye West’s artist Consequence. What’s more, in 2010 CX became a member of German digital hardcore group Atari Teenage Riot, filling in for the late Carl Crack. (The KraK/Crack connection is purely coincidental.)


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After having to leave community college for an undisclosed medical condition, Jerry Haas quickly rebounded and found work as a fry cook at Steamers, a rock n roll crab shack close to the shore.  After a couple months, he decided to take his career to the next level by starting Dirty Laundry, a Don Henley cover band, with Tony, Steamer’s soda distributor, and Phil, who did the dishes.  They couldn’t find a drummer, so Jerry would stomp his right foot while singing to keep time. After a couple rehearsals, the band took over Steamers coveted Tuesday afternoon spot, which also featured 50 cent crab claws and legs from 4-6.  .  The stomp would go on to become Haas’ signature move (and eventually lead to plantar fasciitis and a torn meniscus). 

One night, while wandering around Bushwick and passing out flyers, Jerry stumbled upon a sign for an open audition.  Always one to seize the moment, he wandered down the steep, dark staircase into a rat infested basement.  The auditions turned out to be for the host position of the now cult classic variety show, Live From Donny Vulture’s.  Jerry wowed the judges with his Henley covers and Judge Mathis impression.  Needless to say he got the gig.  The show was a vehicle for Jerry to hone his comedy and people skills, and more importantly, it was a platform to raise awareness about a cause very close to his heart, ending Train Farting.

The show was canceled after 4 episodes due to no one giving a shit, and Jerry became a shut-in, vowing to never do TV or sing Henley again.  He was twice hospitalized for overdosing on popcorn and after an entire life spent as a cleancut, he even grew a beard.  

Eventually Jerry got his shit more or less back together, motivated primarily by the same thing that had always moved him before, campaigning to stop train farting.  Jerry beat the street tirelessly, gathering signatures to get congress to fund a train farting anti-fume.  After 9 months of endless toil, he managed only 40 signatures.  He realized that the only way people were going listen to his pleas was if he got back on the boob tube.  So Jerry joined forces with CX KiDTRONiK and Don Something, 2 Steamers regulars from back in the day, and the trio created Brooklyn FLESH.  Now, there are plenty of creative compromises for Haas, but he is working for a higher cause, and that’s all that matters.

In addition to working on Brooklyn FLESH, Jerry Haas is seeking members for his newest endeavor, a Father John Misty cover band.



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In it to Skin it. Pro big government. Middle Age and loving it.